3 Rules for Success: What I Learned from Watching my Father

With Father’s Day in June and my own father on my mind, it occurred to me that much of my zest for life and ability to ‘make things happen,’ came from watching my father as I grew up. A lot of what he did was not understandable to me then, but is now. He did his best with what he had.

His own father, dying during the great flu epidemic of 1918-1919, left my grandmother to raise two boys. Then after remarrying, a third boy and death of a second husband, left her to run a factory lunch counter from 6 am to 6 pm, seven days a week to make ends meet.

My grandmother raised her sons with a heavy hand; hitting and hollering as rule of thumb. You would think they might amount to very little, with their mother gone almost all the time, and being slapped around more often than not.

Here’s the truth. My father graduated high school at 15 and was one of 100 students accepted into Cooper Union, the finest engineering school in the country, graduating at twenty one with a degree in electrical and chemical engineering. Army (WWII), marriage, and off to work on Polaris, Nike Zeus Anti Missile-Missile and several more US projects.

The next brother, my uncle Leo, became a well known philanthropist and millionaire, investing in Caesar’s Palace back in the 50’s.

The baby, my Uncle Irving, was one of the world’s best known patent attorneys, being part of the IBM un-bundling in the 60’s and with his books translated into languages around the world.

With only three of each 100 of us attaining what my father and uncles did — true Success — why them? Really, three in one family? With a mother gone almost all the time?

For them, there was NO SUCH THING AS DOWN TIME! No slacking! No slumping toward their goals. They were pedal-to-the-medal ALWAYS!

They learned and followed the 3 Rules of Driving a Successful Mind. I suspect they succeeded because my grandmother working as she did to raise those boys, was their role model and successful in her own right.

Rule #1. Their Mindset … what did they think? They were told repeatedly that they “could do it” and probably “had to do it!” If that is what they thought and heard, it leads into the next Rule.

Rule #2. What did they Believe?  About what were my father and uncles SURE? They had no question whatsoever, regardless of what anyone said, they “could” and “would do it” … whatever it was!

Rule #3. They did not Listen to or Follow the Crowd. The ‘crowds’ were not and have never been successful.  It was NOT following the crowd that actually had them succeed. They stood in the face of adversity to reach their goals.
                                                   These Rules are the legs of a ‘three-legged stool’ of success.

Adopt them all and watch yourself grow into your inherent Greatness! And, enjoy your birthright of Abundance!

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Blog written by Leslie Flowers, co-Director of Team Excelerate.