Memories of Mother in May

I knew it was time for spring cleaning when I walked in after school, dropped my books on the hall table, and was instantly hit with converging wafts of Pine Sol and Clorox odors! To this day when I smell either of those two items, no matter where I am, I am instantly transported back to my childhood and visions of my mother scouring tubs or toilets in the Spring.

The power of memory is undeniable. We can actually transport ourselves to our youth with a smell or a sound. Choosing lovely memories of our mothers, whether they are still with us or not, as we move toward Mother’s Day, actually makes us feel good. Did you know you can purposely bring up those memories in an instant, no matter what you are doing? The mind is a magnificent thing. It’s really an ‘activity’ that occurs in every cell of our body. When we feel good … all of us feels good, not our arm of leg! This can be useful if you are feeling nostalgic. Think about times with your mother fondly and you will feel better in two seconds.

I remember the clack and flap of playing cards as my mother held her Friday night penny anti poker game at our kitchen table in the suburbs of Boston, down Route 9 in the late 50’s. I sat at the top of the stairs on the landing and could see the center of the table, the cards, chips and the hands of the players. Mother had raisins and peanuts in small cups on the table. Ashtrays were full and smoke was thick.

I remember walking up the sidewalk in Boston each week to our Butcher Shop when I was, five holding my mother’s hand. A long and narrow shop with sawdust on the floor, the butcher always asked me when I came in holding mother’s hand … “are you married?” I would laugh and giggle saying “no.” And then I would play with the proverbial cat on duty while mother bought the week’s protein.

When mother went to work in the 60’s for what was called ‘pin’ money and before all families required both parents working full time, there was one thing she always did. My mother treated herself well. She took time to relax, gave herself facials, made sure to have a nice tan, took long walks, and I remember her laughing and being silly with her friends when they stopped by.

She took care of herself, in her own way, and she seemed happy to me all the time.

More challenging today to take care of ourselves as so many women are running business and raising families on their own.

It actually takes a special way of thinking and a perspective about life and balance to manage it all and stay happy.

Team Excelerate cares that YOU take care of yourself first. In that light we have invited Jessica Hairston, MD, to share with us how she does it. Dr. Hairston serves at three different hospitals every month, is gone one weekend a month, and has a two year old son she is raising on her own. Not long ago she outfitted and opened a medical practice, staffed it and had a celebration all within six months!

Come and enjoy our Excelerator Business Incubator held on the Final Friday of each month in Raleigh, Village Grille, 11:30-1:30 pm. Meet Dr. Hairston this month! Register here to attend.