Create Your Own Prosperity! What We Can Learn from the ‘Luck of the Irish!’

All our lives when March is just around the corner, people begin talking about St. Patrick’s Day and the legendary “Luck of the Irish.”  Ironically, if you look at history, the Irish in general, have not really been very lucky. We’ve only to look at the potato famine and the legendary flu epidemic that killed countless Irish men and women to see more trials than luck. Irish immigrants moved to the U.S. and lived in slum housing in New York and Boston. Many came to the U.S. as indentured servants. Some turned to crime as a way out of poverty. Later, some Irish immigrants turned to the Catholic Church as a way to help them become educated and to educate their children.

The truth about ‘luck’ has nothing to do with the Irish at all. In fact, you might consider that there is no such thing as ‘luck!’ That’s right!

“Just because we don’t understand how something works, does not mean that it doesn’t!”

  • What if luck and coincidence do not exist!
  • And that we as consciously aware human beings mistake luck and coincidence for our own inherent gifts and power!
  • What if we are no different than Merlin from the age old stories of King Arthur?
  • What if WE could turn one thing into another form? What if we already DO this?

We do! Ask Team Excelerate #ExE16 … twelve women in business who took a chance early in 2016, made an investment in an event for entrepreneurs and small business owners 9 months later, without knowing if it would even work! The Dream was to take the idea of business owners moving their businesses “from good, to great, to extraordinary” by providing the masterful skills necessary to do this with ease. We wanted to make a profit too!

The success had nothing to do with luck. It was the power of intention, a definite purpose in mind, a definite plan, and people who put people first and money second, that had our dreams turn into reality. Yes, the event was a success … and YES, there was a profit to boot!

If you removed the concept of ‘time’ with Merlin the Magician, and that things did not actually happen overnight, but rather over a long period of time, you will see we are alchemists one and all. That is, we can have a dream and bring it to reality, albeit rarely an easy task.

The lesson from the Irish is their powerful, driven intention to have a better life for themselves and their children. They realized that no one else could (or would) do it for them.  They worked hard … and they had a dream! The “American Dream” they called it. The set their intention and worked to achieve it, no matter how long it took.

The American Dream is still alive and well for those who set an intention, backed by a definite purpose, a deep desire and the persistence to push through, doing whatever it takes, to reach their goal, without violating the rights of others. The Irish discovered that intention setting together with focus and hard work can contribute to realizing an important goal. If they could do it, so can you!!

Keep your eyes peeled on Excelerate Experience Facebook Page for News on #ExE17 held Friday, November 3, 2017 at the NC Biotech Center in Durham, NC. Next up this month is call for speakers, sponsors, and community partners.



Picture: Blarney Castle The Blarney Stone (Irish: Cloch na Blarnan) is a block of Carboniferous limestone built into the battlements ofBlarney Castle, Blarney, about 8 kilometres (5 mi) from Cork, Ireland. According to legend, kissing the stoneendows the kisser with the gift of the gab (great eloquence or skill at flattery).