It’s All in How You Look at Spring

Just the world ‘Spring’ itself can conjure up visions of sunshine, flowers, green grass, birds and bees, for any one of us. Just the idea makes us feel so good! We could be thinking about Winter, yet we don’t want to! Spring has so much to offer. Winter doesn’t ‘feel’ as good as Spring. After all, Spring is the season of rebirth.

Words are powerful. And the ability to choose them, even more so. When we choose  thoughts of Spring rather than Winter, it’s automatic. It’s like a habit. We don’t think about it and naturally choose the one that makes us feel good because feeling good is our natural vibration. Or do we?

April and Spring … April and … TAX TIME! Do the words “Tax Time” make you anxious?  What if you could change your thoughts from anxiety to happiness as you do with Winter and Spring? In the same way we focus on Spring, we would have to find something happy about Tax Time!

There is in every case and always something happy or good about every word, every event, ever person … we must however look for it, notice it, recognize it, and embrace it. In that light, what else might Tax Time mean?

Could the annual task be a review and reflection of your Success? If you weren’t building and running a business you wouldn’t have to worry about. So why not replace Tax Time with ‘A Measure of My Success?’ Looks good. Feels good! I’ll take it!

For entrepreneurs, consultants, and small business owners, creating multiple streams of income is a must and while it takes some work to manage it all, it truly does help grow our level of success in business.  When we start a new business it’s exciting, has us thinking about things in new ways and about new goals. We enjoy abundance which makes us happy, all while contributing to the lives of the clients we serve.

You can start by beginning to become aware of and noticing when a word or words ‘get you down,’ that is, changes the way you feel, like Winter and even Tax Time! Use those moments to celebrate your new found awareness and reframe your feelings away from fear and anxiety. It’s all in how you look at it!

Team Excelerate wants you to know that Excelerate Experience 2017 will be held Friday, November 3, 2017 at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in Durham, North Carolina. Watch for details! We sold out in 2016 and are excited about this year!!