American Business Women’s Day is Nice, Yet Not Nearly Enough


Did you know that Friday September 22nd, is officially designated as American Business Women’s Day?

With a little research, I  learned that the first American Business Women’s Day was sponsored by the American Business Women’s Association in 1982. It was recognized by Congressional Proclamation in 1983 and 1986 and is set aside to honor and think about the contributions women have made in the workforce.

One day will not do it! It hasn’t thus far; where there is a pervasive and overall lack of appreciation of value women bring to 21st century business.

One Valentine’s Day, One Birthday, One Anniversary … we celebrate gratitude on Thanksgiving, One Day, yet we might consider being “grateful to the ideas that use us” according to Dr. Alfred Adler, every day, couldn’t we? Shouldn’t we? Ideas pop into our minds and if we pay them no mind, we may notice another bringing ‘our’ idea to fulfillment. So when we get an idea and we fall deeply in love with it, and stay the course, it will show up … we simply don’t know by when.

This One designated day doesn’t cloud the reality that some 364 days include women not being valued, listened to, promoted or acknowledged for their expertise for their work. Or for women with the greatest odds at success: single with children, they face being ignored every day, earning less than men doing the same work every day, and faced with tremendous child care investments that make it almost ‘not worth’ going to work at all. p.s. All States suffer from a wide wage gap. As example NC expected to see it close by 2054! Who is waiting for that?

Our mother’s fulfilled their duties at home, for most baby boomers, and often made drapes for others, or ironed shirts or cleaned house for others. My grandmothers both widowed at early ages with children due to the great Flu Pandemic in 1918, worked outside their homes. One ran a factory lunchroom from 6 am to 6 pm and the other had foundation counter at a department store.

When we were just starting out, we didn’t consider “side jobs” as MSIs (multiple streams of income) as we do today. And today MSIs are required in most cases to make ends meet. Mom worked for ‘pin’ or mad money in her purse. Dad was the official “bread winner.”

Mothers throughout history have developed and refined a unique set of influential skills … and it happens that those skills are in most cases the exact opposite of the context of 21st century business success. So when women came on the scene to work in business, as a result of divorce and inflation several decades ago, we were almost completely unskilled in the nature and context of business. And so women are not heard and their value is not known and not appreciated. Not yet that is!

In reality, the bringing together of both men’s and women’s long time behavioral and influential skills will boost the top and bottom line for business. Yet business leaders both men and women aren’t listening (and they don’t even know it) so they don’t see the value women bring to the table.

Our mission at Team Excelerate is to ‘open the ears’ of business leaders so they can value and honor women every day, not just this Friday September 22, American Business Women’s Day. We do this through continuous learning, achievement and developing our muscles of confidence.


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